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Shopping in Mizoram


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Shopping in Mizoram

Mizoram is a heritage place filled with cultural vibes and various ethnic groups. Mizoram is a place of beauty here and what people can get home are lovely memories along with souvenirs. Mizo people are rural people who make wonderful hand-crafted items and hence the best items to get from here are crafted goods and woven clothes.

Bamboo and cane items are the most sought after by the tourists. There is a traditional skirt wrap worn by the Mizo women known as the Paun which is one of the most colourful and popular products of Mizoram. These skirts ranges from low to really high prices. Apart from clothes and bamboo products there are also other Rangoon goods available here. Apart from local shops there are also other branded shops found here where one can go for shop-hopping.

Shopping Markets in Mizoram

Market areas in Mizoram are very crowded especially on holidays. Apart from holidays, it also attracts a lot of people owing to its high tourist population. The best buys in Mizoram are primarily handicraft items. People here are amazing weavers and craftsmen. They are endowed with skilled craftsmanship qualities the products of which can be found in Mizoram markets. Some of the markets in Mizoram are as follows:

Shops in Mizoram

Bara Bazaar in Aizawl

Bara Bazaar is a market which is the most famous market here for it is located in the heart of Aizawl. It is not only the biggest but also the most colorful market in state where in is available a huge range of products. The products in this market ranges from vegetable products to accessories to clothes to other household necessities. The local people can be seen here moving around buying and selling and dealing with tourists as well. Tourists visiting Bara bazaar are pampered with Mizo food raw food to Mizo attires to Mizo cultural accessories. The best Paun in Mizoram are to be got here. The market remains crowded most of the times; however they are most overcrowded on Saturdays.

Shopping in Mizoram

Millenium Centre in Aizawl

There is a mall here in Bara Bazaar known as the Millenium Centre, which is the only shopping mall here in Aizawl and hence it is always crowded with shoppers. It is a huge three storey building having over 300 shops. People of different age groups come here for hanging out, biding time passing their leisure time. Youngsters can be seen here in huge number here.

Shopping in Mizoram

Solomon’s Cave

Another shopping place in Mizoram is Solomon’s cave. This is also a place famous amongst the people as a proper market place. It is more of a favourite among the locals.

Similar places here where one can go and shop are Lalbuaia Shopping Complex, Ritz market, Burma Lane, Thakthing Bazaar, New Market and Bazaar Bungkawn.

As mentioned earlier, the primary products which can be bought in Mizoram are handicraft items and woven items. Hence, one must not expect any kind of branded products or other luxurious items. Being a rural state undergoing development stages and with the initiative of the Mizoram government to keep its ethnicity and roots alive, all one can expect here are handicraft items made with care and labour by the locals.

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Handicrafts in Mizoram

Mizo people are masters in making handcraft items. It has been ages since the people of Mizoram have been weaving and crafting items on their own. Tourists coming to this place not only fall in love with the place but with the wonderful crafted items as well. The expertise can be seen in their work of bamboo and cane. With bamboo they can more or less make anything.

Shopping in Mizoram

Bamboo and Cane Products of Mizoram

Products made out of bamboo and cane are the most prominent products of the state and has its own unique attractive feature. These products are not only beautiful but also durable. Baskets, furniture, hats, utensils and many other items are made out of bamboo and cane. A wide market covers these products within the state as well as outside the state. Apart from shops and market, the state government emporia also store a large number of these items.


A very popular form of crafting in Mizoram, basketry is something where they excel. Beautiful baskets can be seen forming out of soft cane fibres. The baskets that they make come in various shapes and sizes ranging from small to big, with lid to without lid. These baskets are made not just for show purpose but for usage as well and they can be used for various purposes.

Handicrafts in Mizoram

Woven Products in Mizoram

Another very important craft here in the state of Mizoram is weaving. The people here are experts in the field of weaving. Lovely fabrics are created by weaving wonderful patterns and designs. There are some great traditional designs that the mizo women weave and carry on the age old antiquity of the place. Shawls are woven by the mizo women flawlessly using their own patterns and skills.

Mizoram handicrafts

Some of the places in Mizoram where one can find handloom products are:

Mizoram Apex Handloom & Handicrafts Co-operative Society Limited (MAHCO)
Treasury Square,

Mizoram Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited (ZOHANCO)

Mizoram Khadi & Village Industries Board (MKVIB)


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