Mizoram Tourism

The state of Mizoram located on the extreme southern side of Northeast India is one of the most beautiful states of the region. The capital of the state of Mizoram is Aizawl which is the gateway to this mesmerizing state of India.

This state is bounded by natural beauty in the form of wildlife sanctuaries like Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary and Lengteng National park to name a few.

There are also many caves in Mizoram like Kungawrhi Puk, Mura Puk, Lamsial Puk and waterfalls in Mizoram like Vantawng Falls across the state. Mizoram also has tourist complexes, shopping joints and few architectural structures like the Mizoram State Museum and Luangmual Handicrafts Centre.

In addition to these tourist places, there are naturally beautiful tourist places like Lianchhiari Lunglentlang, Thasiama Seno Neihna, Mangkhaia Lung, Fiara Tui and Sikpui Lung for tourists to look out for. Further more, adventure activities can be also enjoyed here in Mizoram.

Destinations in Mizoram


Places to Visit in Aizawl

Aizawl, a 112 year old city is the capital of Mizoram and it is the largest city in the state with a population of 291,822. It is the centre of the administration of the entire state with all the government offices within and secretariat. Tourists can easily access the place via flights, buses and train. The main tourist attraction in Aizawl is Aizawl Zoological Park, State Museum in Mc Donald Hill, Science center, Handloom and handicrafts showroom, Horticulture Centre and Martyr’s memorial. Natural attractions in the area are the Durtlang hills, KV Paradise and Muthi Hilltop. 

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With beautiful butterflies, tribal traditions and other cultural richness, the city of Champhai takes pride in a wonderful view of the Myanmar hills. The population in the city is 108,392 and covers an area of 3,185.83 sq km. It is a commercial town in Mizoram strewn with mesmerizing scenery around it. It is a great place for trekkers for hills and peaks surround the place where one can pack bags and go. Main tourist attractions of the place are Rih Dil Lake and other ancient ruins and stones such as Lamsial Puk, Mura Puk, Sikpui Lung, Fiara Tui.



A town in Serchhip district, Thenzawl is an important town in Mizoram which is famous for traditional handloom industry. It is 43 kms. away from Aizawl. Tourists can visit the place and buy the best of handloom products. Tourist attractions here are Vantawng waterfall, Chawngchilhi Cave and the Thenzawl Deer park.



Situated in the south central part of Mizoram, Lunglei is also often spelled as Lungleh which means ‘bridge of rock’. It is one of the prominent towns in Mizoram and is at a distance of 131 miles from Aizawl. Rich in flora and fauna, Lunglei is at an altitude of 1222 meters. There is a Buddha engrave stone in Lunglei for which it is famous.


Destinations in Mizoram

Located at a distance of 83 kms from Aizawl, Kolasib is a town which is at the north of Mizoram. The Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) which is a concept for farmers here by National Agricultural Research system is located in the town of Kolasib itself.  Kolasib is worth visiting due to its agriculture dominated state. So rich is its agricultural production that the state of Mizoram yields a lot from it.



A town in the district of Kolasib, Vairengte is located at a distance of 130 kms from the capital city of Aizawl. Surrounded by green lush and mountains, Vairengte is a postcard destination of Mizoram. One of those places which stays unexplored and virgin. It is the perfect place for adventurers who look out for surprises and excitement.


Mamit town is located in the district of Mamit about 89 kms from Aizawl and easily accessible via bus and jeep services. Mamit is mostly covered in dense forest and mountains and rivers. One can get a sense of visual as well as physical satisfaction just by driving through this place and enjoying the sceneries around.




The headquarter town of Serchhip district, the town is located in the central part of Mizoram. It is at a distance of 112 kms away from the town of Aizawl. The Serchhip district has the highest literacy rate in the whole of India. Filled with grassy landscape, the town of Serchhip is the location to one of the spectacular waterfalls of Mizoram, Vantawng Khawhthla. The sounds of the fall in one’s ears is nothing less than melody.



A census town in the district of Saiha district, the town is the headquarters of Mara Autonomous District Council which is one of the three councils within Mizoram. The town is located in the south central part of the state. It is the third most populated and developed town in Mizoram. Tourism attractions in Saiha are Tipo Lake and Mt. Mawma. The missionary houses built 100 years back are still present here which are worth witnessing.

Sanctuaries in Mizoram

Mizoram is a state in North east India which is thickly wooded and hence it has a lots of flora and fauna. The range of flora and fauna here is diverse and hence, different specimen of these entities can be found here. Ranging from varied colored birds to a variety of animals and plants, the forests in Mizoram are a thing of wildlife sanctuaries in Mizorambeauty for the tourists. Spread across the whole of Mizoram, the sanctuaries here include Phawngpui National Park, Murlen National Park, Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary, Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary, Palak Wildlife Sanctuary and Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary.

Some of the sanctuaries in Mizoram worth visiting here are as follows:

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Phawngpui National Park

The Phawngpui National Park lies near the Myanmar border in the south eastern part of Mizoram. The highest peak in Mizoram is Phawngpui, measuring at a height of about 2360 meters and is located in this area itself. The sanctuary is a haven to a lot of animals and birds such as Blyth's tragopan, Kaelej Pheasant, Hoolock Gibbon, Ghoral, Serrow, Barking deer, Sambar, Leopard, Common Langur, Rhesus macaque and Stump tail macaque.

Palak Wildlife Sanctuary

Top Sanctuaries of Mizoram

In the southern part of Mizoram lies the Palak Wildlife Sanctuary, which falls in the Saiha district. The area of the sanctuary is around 15.5 square kms. There is a natural lake within the territory known as the Palak Dil which is found within the sanctuary itself. The Palak Dil is a hit amongst the tourists not only for its beauty and natural scenery but also due to the presence of varied butterflies  and moths near and around the area.

Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary

Top wildlife sanctuaries in Mizoram

Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary is another natural habitat of the flora and fauna in Mizoram. This sanctuary stands close to another sanctuary known as the Murlen National Park. The area is covered by the Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary is around 80 sq. kms. with an altitude ranging from 400 meters to 2300 meters. The Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary also boasts of having the second highest peak in Mizoram. Apart from that, the animals and birds are found in huge numbers in the forest which are Hume's Bartailed Pheasant, Tiger, Barking deer, Wild boar, Hoolock gibbon,  Leopard, Sambar, Rhesus macaque, Ghoral, Serrow, Kaleej Pheasant.

Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary

The junction of two states and a country – Tripura, Mizoram and Bangladesh give rise to one of the important sanctuaries in Mizoram called Dampa Wildlife sanctuary. It is located in the western part of Mizoram and falls in the Mamit district of Mizoram at a distance of 127 kms. from the capital city of Mizoram that is Mizoram. The sanctuary has some unique features such as the virgin forests by the name of Dampa Tlang and Chhawrpial Tlang which are still to be explored. Adventurers love this place for its non - commercialised factors.

Dampa wildlife

Further, the animals residing in this sanctuary are tiger, wild dog, giant squirrel, porcupine, wild pig, hoolock gibbon, leaf monkey, langur, rhesus macaque, jungle cat, slow loris, leopard, elephant, gaur (Indian Bison), sambar, swamp deer, barking deer, sloth bear, wild boars and different varieties of butterflies, birds and flowers. Not only animals, but also villagers reside near and about the sanctuary which has 10 villages around its borders.

Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary of Mizoram

Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary is in the south-western part of Mizoram which falls in the Lawngtlai district. Located very close to the Indo – Myanmar and Indo – Bangladesh border, the Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary measures a total of 110 square kms. and an altitude of 200 meters to 1200 meters. Animals can be found in the sanctuary ranging from tigers to wild boars to deer and elephants.

Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary

Widlife Sanctuaries in Mizoram

Situated in the western part of Mizoram, around 240 kms. away from Aizawl is the Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary. It is quite close to the Dampa wildlife sanctuary. The Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary, covering an area of 50 sq. kms. plays the role of a corridor for the elephants which migrate from Bangladesh. Not only elephants, but also other wild animals can be found in this forest.

Murlen National Park

National Parks in Mizoram

Murlen National Park is another of the sanctuaries in Mizoram, which is located around 245 kms. away from Mizoram and close to the Myanmar border. The Murlen National Park covers an area of 150 sq. kms. and its altitude ranges from 400 meters to 1900 meters. The park lies very close to the Chin Hills and has five villages surrounding it. A village by the name of Murlen lies close to the park wherein resides around seventy families.

Mountains and Hills in Mizoram

Phawngpui Tlang

Hills in Mizoram

Also known as the blue mountain, the Phawngpui Tlang is the highest peak in the entire of Mizoram with a height of 2,210 metres (7,250 feet).


Mountains in Mizoram

Covered with virgin forests this mountain is at an altitude of 1619 meters. Existing since the time of the Mizo chiefs, Hmuifang is the way to get to Lunglei.


Hills in Mizoramx

Reiek is at a height of 1548 meters  and the top of this mountain offers an amazing view of the plains of Bangladesh. Surrounded by thick lush green tress and forests , Reiek hill is a pleasant place to visit.

Durtlang Hill

Durtlang Hills

Standing in the northern part of Mizoram, the Durtlang Hill offers an amazing view to the people. The view from the hill resort is glorious with superb picturesque scenery. Some other attractions near the Durtlang Hills are State Museum at Mac Donald’s Hill, Zoologoical Garden, the Zoo and Bung Picnic spot amongst others.

Lengteng Hill

The Lengteng Hills which vary from 400 meters to 2300 meters are famous for its virginity and unexplored areas. These hills are best for trekking and eco –tourism.

Lushai Hills

These are part of the Patkai hills and are partially located in the neighboring state which is Tripura.

Lakes in Mizoram

One of the north eastern states in India is Mizoram which is a treasure of natural beauty. It is a gem of a state with wildlife sanctuaries, lakes, waterfalls and caves amongst others. Lakes are scattered across the state and these lakes add to the beauty of the state. There are a number of lakes in Mizoram such as Rungdil , Palak, Tamdil and Rengdil. The lakes are spots of attraction both for the locals and the tourists. The lakes provide the perfect place for fishing and boating too.

Palak Lake

The Palak Lake is located in a somewhat inaccessible part of Mizoram. It is situated 130 kms away south–west from Saiha district, in the Lakher region of Chhimtuipui district. The existence of the lake is believed to be from natural devastation that is earthquake or flood. People still believe that the village that got submerged during the calamity still exists under the lake.

palak lake

The lake is oval shaped and is 200 meters long and 150 meters wide situated 5 kms. away from Pahu village occupying an area of about 30 ha. The lake is surrounded by deciduous and tropical evergreen forests. Some of the forestry species around the lake are Chikrassia tabularies, Schina Wallichin, Mesua ferrea Biscofia Javamica, cedrella tonna, Albizzia sp., Termemalia sp., Lagerstromia sp., Dipterocarpus sp., Michelia sp., Ficus sp., Artocarpus sp., Tetrameles nudiflore, bamboos, canes etc.

The lake is also a treasure of crabs, fish, frog and other aquatic animals. In the entire of Mizoram, the Palak lake is the only one which is an abode of aquatic animals and surrounded by wild ducks of various different species.

Rungdil Lake

With an area of 2.5 ha , the Rungdil Lake is situated around 14 kms away from Suangpuilawn village in Aizawl, the capital city. Rungdil lake’s was once filled with different types partridges. The lake comprises of not one but two parts which is separated from each other by a narrow strip of land.

lake in mizoram

The forests surrounding the lake are tropical evergreen deciduous forests.
Interesting Fact on Rungdil Lake

There are many stories about the Rungdil lake and one such story is that if you cut a pumpkin into two equal parts and throw one into one lake then it will surface up to the top in the other lake. This clearly proves that there is an under water connection between the two lakes.

Tamdil Lake

A natural lake in Mizoram, the Tamdil lake is situated 7 kms. away from Saitual Village and 110 kms away from and in the south eastern part of Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram. The name ‘ Tamdil’ is derived from ‘Lake of Mustard plant’. Legendary stories of the place tell that once upon a time, there was a huge mustard plant in the place where the lake lays today. However, the plant was cut off and this resulted in spraying of water from the plant thus forming the Tamdil Lake.

tamdil lake

Bordered by forests which are evergreen and moist deciduous there lies in here a lot of species of plants and greeneries. Some of the explored species here are Sehenia Wallichii, Chikrassia tabularis, Albizzia sp., Artocarpus sp., Merus sp. and bamboos. The lake has aquatic animals as well as amphibians.  Prawns, frog, fish and other terrestrial animals reign in and around this lake.

Caves in Mizoram

Mizoram one of the seven north eastern states of India, is filled with not only amazing wildlife sanctuaries but also some great caves as well. These caves work wonders for people who love adventure and hence it is a great mode of attracting tourists. Tourists even visit the place for the purpose of adventure activities. There is a wide array of caves spread across the state which is discussed below:

Pukzing Cave

The Pukzing Cave is located near Marpara in the western hills in the range of the Aizawl district itself. It is measured to go to a distance of 25 meters inside and is the biggest cave in Mizoram. Folktales define this cave as being carved out by a very strong man of Mizoram known by the name of Mualzavata. Such was his strength that he could clear hundred ranges of forests in a mere one day.

Pukzing Cave

Kungawrhi Puk

In the south eastern part of Aizawl district, set between the villages of Farkawn and Vaphai is located a set of caves which goes by the name of Kungawrhi Puk. The folklore says that these caves were named after a beautiful girl by the name of Kungawrhi. It is believed that she got married to a brave young man named Pnathira and as they mad their way to his native village, some spirits fell in love with her beauty and then abducted her. The spirits then brought her to cave back where she was confined till her husband came to rescue her. And since then, the cave got its name from her. The cave is a major spot of attraction of the tourist especially the adventurers.

Milu Puk

There is a village in Lunglei district by the name of Mamte where a huge cave is situated by the name of Milucaves in mizoram cave. The Milu Cave is located at a distance of 130 kms away from the town of Lunglei of Mizoram. The weirdest part of this cave is that it is filled with human skeletons. The skeletons found here again are seen to be much taller than the Mizos which clearly proves that the place was earlier resided by a race other than the Mizos. This tribe who were taller than the Mizos were known as the ‘Tlau’.

Lamsial Puk

Located in Aizawl district close to the Farkawn village is Lamsial Puk. The essence of this cave lies in the fact that it had witnessed a brutal fight between two neighboring villages years back which caused the death of a lot of warriors. The corpse of the dead warriors were then left here in the caves and since then a lot of skeletons can be seen here in the cave. The village however no longer exists.

Pine Caves

Situated in Champhai district of Mizoram, the Pine caves measures around 50 meters in length and 1 to 2 meters in width. It is believed that during the insurgency in Mizoram, the Pine caves acted as a form of shelter for the people.

milu puk caves in mizoram

Historic Cities in Mizoram

Every place has a history and Mizoram’s historical facts are filled with legendary stories and some heartwarming revelations. Existing since time immemorial as a north eastern Indian state with only recent recognition as a proper state, Mizoram has its own mesmeric history which is still visible through its standing monuments and other places wherein are carved the stories and other fables. Whenever one visits any place. One must never miss out on its historical and heritage place for it is these which make the base of any place. Mizoram has quite a lot number of places which can be termed as its heritage spot.

Buddha’s image is located 50 kms away from Lunglei town and the nearest village to Buddha’s image is Mualchang village. The image is amazingly carved with dancing girls on either side of the image. Mangkahia Lung is another memorial stone located at Champhai in Aizawl District. Mizoram is a state which has a huge number memorial stones and other erections. The Memorial of Chhingpui is a memorial in the name of a beautiful young woman by the same name. this memorial is located in a place between Baktawng and Chhingchhip village on the Aizawl-Lunglei road.

The village of Phulpui has two graves in the district of Aizawl. It is related to the story of Zawlpala, the chief of graves in mizoramPhulpui village marrying the beautiful Talvungi of Thenzawl. Erected by a Palian chief around 300 years ago, another memorial stone has been found in Tachhip village, which is around 20 kms away from the main town.
There was once a great chief by the name Vanhimailian Sailo who ruled over Champhai. Overlooking the vast Champhai plain, a tomb was erected in his memory.

KV Paradise, also called the modern Taj Mahal is a monument that tells the tale of a man’s love for his beloved wife. It was in the year 2001, when Khawlhring’s wife died in a car accident and since then Khawlhring mourned the death of his wife and decided to build a memorial in his wife’s name and thus, was erected KV Paradise. Located only a few minutes away from Durtlang Hills, it is a 45 minutes drive from the main town. The name KV is derived from their initials. The location of the museum is a beauty for it stands on a steep hill. Visiting the museum is a treat for the eyes, not only the museum but also the surrounding place. In a very less span of time, KV Paradise became a popular destination amongst the tourists. Today it is counted as one of the must visit places in Mizoram.

KV paradise in Mizoram

Another heritage spot in Mizoram is the Mizo Hlakungpui Mual. It is a monument erected in Mizoram in order to commemorate the poets of the state. Set up in the year 1986, the Hlakungpui Mual also known as the Mizo Poet’s square is located in Khawbung village in the southern edge, about 100 miles northwest of Chittagong.

These are the heritage spots found in Mizoram and which deserves visit whenever one sets foot in this beautiful state in the north eastern part of India.

Top Memorial Stones in Mizoram

Mizoram is a heritage place for there are a lot of historic memorial sites which can be found here. With great historic significance, Mizoram has been able to keep its ancient places still alive.

Sibuta Lung

Memorail Stones in Mizoram

This is one of the famed memorial stones in Mizoram. It is located in Tachchip village, 20kms from Aizawl. It is said that Sibuta killed his adoptive father and became the chief. However, his love life was in a mess and in order take revenge, he buried his love Darlai alive in a pit and erected a memorial for himself.

Mangkahia Lung

Constructed in the memory of Mangkahia, who was a chief of the Mizo tribe, the Mangkahia Lung is a stone memorial in the Champhai district of Mizoram. It is also very commonly known as the Mangkahia’s stone. With a height of around 5 meters, the Mangkahia Lung has engravings of Mithoon which is an animal found in North east india. The size of the stone seems quite big and was constructed way back in 1700 AD.

Tualchang Lung

Known for being the largest monolith in town, the Tualchang Lung consists of a row of stone slabs with the largest stone being 3 meters wide, 1 meter thick and 4.5 meters tall. The Tualchang Lung is located in the eastern part of Aizawl district. Communication to Tualchang Lung is not at all hard with buses and taxi services being available all the time.

Tomb of Vanhimailian

Vanhimailian was a great chieftain of the Mizo tribe, to whom is dedicated the Tomb of Vanhimailian. It is located in the capital town of Mizoram, Aizawl and is about 195 kms. away.


Located in between Biate and Lungdar, Lungvandawt was chiseled out from stone and it is with a height of 3 meters and diameter of 75 cms. The word ‘Lungvandawt’ means a 'stone moving towards the heaven and about to reach it’. Legendary stories tell that this was a stone towering up towards heaven with no hindrances coming in between.

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Things to do in Mizoram

Markets in MizoramExploring Bara Bazaar

There is a market area in Aizawl, Mizoram known as the Bara Bazaar, which is immensely popular around the state. It is a huge vegetable market and exploring the vegetable market here gives one an idea about its culture and people too.

Tasting the Mizo Cuisine

One must not miss the chance of tasting Mizo food for it has an outstanding kitchen with some amazing food. There are roadside restaurants and dhabas where one can simply enter and order food of their choice. Its local fermented dishes are a favorite amongst the people here.

Get some colorful souvenirs from the placeSouvenirsin Mizoram

Mizo people are amazing wevers and craftsmen. Their bamboo products and hand woven clothe are precious souvenirs which are definitely worth buying.

Visiting the beautiful churches in Mizoram

In Mizoram, about 85% of the population is Christians. Hence, there are churches in and around the state with some standing as monuments since olden times. A look around the place would sure take one to many churches.

View from the Durtlang Hills

There is no better place to view city of Aizawl better than the Durtlang Hills. During the sunset time, the view from the hill is entirely magical.

Making a visit to the Lammaul ground

The people here are very much fond of football and hence the Mizoram Football association was awarded the Best Grassroots Development Programmes in the year 2013. One can always see the kids being trained in this field apart from the beautiful scenery.

Things to do in MizoramCheck out for some wonderful bikes

Mizos are mad about bike and moving around the state a bit would definitely give you the proof of it. Standing by the Zarkawt point one can easily count out the different types of bikes passing by.

Witnessing the Sunrise early morning

The valleys in Mizoram are surrounded by fog which makes it a stunningly beautiful place and the sun rising from the behind of the hills is view not worth missing.

Museums in Mizoram

Museums, parks and buildings alike form a very important part of tourism for any place and hence the same goes for Mizoram as well. The museum in Mizoram has in store a large number of artifacts which successfully tell the story of its rich heritage. The Mizoram State Museum is one of the important museums in Mizoram which is located in Aizawl and established way back in the year 1977. It is located in the McDonald Hill and is open to tourists from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. on all weekdays except Monday and Saturday.

Mizoram Science Centre

Apart from the Mizoram state Museum, Mizoram Science Centre is another important state centre in Mizoram. The museum attempts to provide an awareness and knowledge on science amongst the mass through entertainment and fun via this centre. Mizoram science centre is also one of the major tourist attractions here in the state.

Religious Places in Mizoram

Mizoram is a state which has around 87% of Christians. The majority of the Mizos here are Christians followed by Buddhists and then Hindus. With Christianity being the religion of the majority here, a lot of churches exist here in Mizoram. The four major churches here are Presbyterian Church, Mizoram Baptist, Roman Catholic and Salvation Army. Several churches has been existing here since olden times.

churches in mizoram

Village Tour of Mizoram

A state in the north eastern part of India – Mizoram is a state which is surrounded with greenery and wilderness. Villages are found in bountiful in this part of the country. Any person visiting this state should never miss out on the village tour of the state and inhale the ethnicity of the place. The number of villages in Mizoram is huge, but there are only a few out of them all, which to visit and enjoy the scenic magnificence. There are a lot of villages worth visiting in Mizoram with some discussed.

Pangzawal is a pretty little village in Mizoram which is cloaked in some amazing legendary stories. The story about the village goes about a girl, Chawngungi who was very pretty and sought for by young men of the village. However, her mother was a very greedy woman and hence she demanded a very high price as a bride which no boy was able to fulfill. Finally, a young handsome eligible man by the name of Sawngkhara who was the Chief's son successfully married with the help of a magic drug. But, his wife soon dies after the marriage and Sawngkhara spent the rest of his life in mourning. This village is thus known for this sad love story. The village is located in the Lunglei district of Mizoram and is easily accessible from Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram. Visiting the village gives the people to re live the time of these two immortal lovers.

At a distance of 10 kms away from Aizawl is located a small village by the name of Reiek. Reiek is a very popular tourist destination in Mizoram for it is a place surrounded by serenity and beauty. The village has rocks and cliffs and mountains and caves and waterfalls amongst others. The huts seen in this village are also quite amusing for the cultural and ethnicity is preserved in the village as per the strivings of the Mizoram government. The Anthurium festival is celebrated in Reiek village which is highly promoted by the government itself. Different species of birds and flowers can be seen in and around the village.

Villages in mizoram

Another town 18 kms south of Aizawl town is Falkawn Village. This village is also a wonderful representation of Mizo tradition and culture. The huts and houses here are worth seeing and visiting. People here are very modest and they welcome tourists with open arms. Similar villages with Mizo culture intact are Ruantlang village.

Saitual is another village located around 80 kms away from Aizawl and is at its east. However compared to the other Mizo villages, this village is much more modernized though having its cultural roots intact. This village is a popular stop for tourists visiting Tamdil Lake. The village also stands as a model village of the post modern era of Mizoram. It was with the arrival of Chrisitianity that a new era began in this stae for prior to this the place existed in anonymity.

villages in mizoram

The villages in Mizoram give people the feel of rural life and the need for keeping these rural lifestyle and activities still alive. The Government of Mizoram is doing a fabulous job in spreading this awareness amongst the people and setting an example for others as well.

shopping in mizoram

Shopping in Mizoram

Mizoram shopping includes its famous handicraft items. Bamboo products from Mizoram are some of its flawless outputs. The main markets of Mizoram are the Bara Bazaar where all types of local products are seen. Souvenirs that can be collected from Mizoram are Khumbeu commercial hat made from bamboo and waterproof wild Hnathial leaves. Apart from bara bazaar, the other shopping places in Mizoram are New Market, Ritz Market, Bazar Bungkawn, Thakthing Bazar, Burma Lane and Solomon Cave.

Hotels and Restaurants in Mizoram

Mizoram Cuisine

Mizoram tourists also do get the chance to dig into some amazing authentic food. Mizoram food has its own taste and its cuisines are special in its own unique way. The capital of Mizoram, Aizawl has hotels and restaurants for the tourists to have a taste of its authentic food. Aizawl being the capital city of Mizoram, the restaurants are located here primarily. Apart from the restaurants for the tourists and locals to taste its amazing food, there are also hotels which provide shelter and proper luxury to the visitors in this state. The number of hotels here might not be huge but yet enough to provide the best form of accommodation to the tourists.

Restaurants in Mizoram

Davids Kitchen

G-16, Chanmari,
Phone No:

Earth Rock Cafe
Zarkawt main street,

Hi-Five Restaurant
ground floor Millenium Center,

Momo Hut
LT Zauva Bldg Basement,
Upper Bazar,
+91-9615163717 / 8974232944

Tandoori House
Saron Veng,
Pin- 796001
Phone Number - 0389-2320276, 9774649197, 8974539424

Hotels in Mizoram

Berawtlang Tourist Recreation Centre

Chaltalang Tourist Lodge

David's Hotel Clover

Hotel Ahimsa
Hazari Khot,

Hotel Alabasta

Hotel Chief


Hotel Ritz
Bara Bazar,
Aizawl 796007,

Hotel Royale

Bara Bazaar,
Aizawl 796001,

Contact of Mizoram Tourism

Office Address:

Directorate of Tourism
Government of Mizoram
Bungkawn Aizawl
Ph: 0389-2333475/2335677
Email: [email protected]

Contact person:-

Director : Mr Vabeiha Hlychho - 0389-2333475
Joint Director : Biakthanmawia Pautu - 0389-2335677

How to Reach Mizoram

Mizoram being a developing state, the transport system here has been undergoing a lot of development though the place is accessible via different medium which are road, air and rail.

By Road:

Mizoram is connected to the rest of India by the National Highway 54. Another highway, NH 150 connects the state with Imphal and the NH 40A connects it with Tripura.

By Air:

Lengpui Airport in Aizawl is located around 32 kms. from Aizawl and it has regular flights to Imphal, Kolkata and Guwahati. The nearest airport to Lengpui airport is Silchar aiport which is around 200 kms. away.

There is a rail link at Bairabi railway Station though this rail is primarily used for transportation of goods. The nearest major railway station from Mizoram is however in Silchar which is located 180 kms from Aizawl.

Mizoram Tour and Travel Packages

Mizoram being one of the seven north eastern states is a land of beauty and nature. Anyone coming to the north east to get the feel of this wonderful land do have the opportunity to take a tour of the entire north eastern regions. The seven north eastern states include Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Tripura. Tour packages including Mizoram can even include the other six states thus giving the tourists more to look forward to. Some tour and travel packages in Mizoram are as follows:

The Seven Sisters Tour

A 24 days tour through the entire of North eastern india covering all the seven states – Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Nagaland and Manipur.

Aizawl being the capital of Mizoram is a wonderful city. Travelers traveling to this wonderful land do need some guidance on the place on what to see and what not to see, what to do and what not do. Considering the exotics of the place and its famed parts, here are some of the dos and don'ts in Mizoram.

Do's and Dont's in Mizoram

  • Inner line permits must be applied for, by Indian tourists before visiting the state.
  • Foreign tourists are permitted only with restricted area permit.
  • The permitted days for foreign tourists are also limited to ten days with a an exception to married couples. Permits are however, available in the airport as well.
  • One must not fall prey to bookies and get victimized in getting false permits. One must always contact the authorized offices for the line permits.
  • Carelessness must be avoided and one must be very careful with one’s belongings.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the state of Mizoram hence people must be careful not to possess them.
  • The shops in Mizoram get closed by 6 PM. Hence, people especially women must not venture out alone after dark.
  • Disturbing animals is strictly prohibited and they must not be teased either

Mizoram is a tourist attraction now hence a lot of people visit the state off season and during season too. However, people visiting the state must be well aware of its rules and regulations. The prime knowledge one should have when visiting the state is its entry formalities. Foreign tourists are totally not allowed into the state without restricted area permit.

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