Religious Places in Mizoram

Mizoram is one of those states in India wherein the Christian population is highest. There are a lot of churches to be found in Mizoram. Majority of the Christians here are Protestants and the Mizos here have their own distinct churches. Apart from Christians there are a few other part of the population which follow Buddhism and Animism as well. The Animists worship a supreme power they call Pathian. Hinduism and Islam religion also exists here in Mizoram amongst a very small percentage of population.

religious spots in mizoram

Given below is a list of all the religious spots in the state of Mizoram:

Solomon’s Temple

Known as the Holy Church, the Solomon’s temple is one of the major tourist spots in Mizoram. In local Mizo language the Solomon’s temple is known as Kohhran Thianghlim. Founded in the year 1984, the members of the church are known as ‘the elects’. The temple is large enough to accommodate a total of two thousand people inside the church and around ten thousand people within its courtyard.

Contact Address:
Aizawl, Mizoram
Phone No:- 0389 233 0007

solomon's temple

Baptist Church of Mizoram

The Baptist Church of Mizoram which is also known as BCM is the second biggest church in all of Mizoram and is a protestant denomination of India. It was founded in the year 1897 and has its headquarters at Serkawn which is near Lunglei. Since 1897, the Baptist Church has been getting more and more members and today it stands at 160,400 members.

Baptist Church of Mizoram

Mizoram Presbyterian Church

Mizoram Presbyterian Church is the largest Christian denomination in Mizoram and it was established in the year 1897 by Rev. David Evan Jones who was a Presbyterian missionary. Mizoram Presbyterian Church was the first church in all of Mizoram and today it is one of the constituent bodies of Presbyterian Church of India (PCI). The headquarters of Mizoram Presbyterian Church is located in Shillong, Meghalaya. The administrative body of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church is called Mizoram Synod and it is headquartered at Mission Veng, Aizawl.

Mizoram Presbyterian Church

Contact Address:
Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod (Presbyterian Church of India)
Synod Office, 
Mission Veng,
Aizawl - 796001
EPABX: 91 0389 2326372/ 2322285/ 2335821 & 2324448
Fax: 91 0389 2322132
E-mail: [email protected]

Population by Religion in Mizoram

Religion wise division

Source: Mizoram Govt. site

Being a Christian majority state, Mizoram has a lot of churches in and around the place. Given below is a list of the churches in Mizoram.
  • Immanuel Baptist Church
  • Baptist Church of Mizoram
  • Evangelical Church of Maraland
  • Kawnpui Venglai Presbyterian Church
  • Siaha Vaihpi ECM Local Church
  • Meisavaih Local Church
  • CCI M Church
  • Bilkhawthlir Presbyterian Church
  • Salvation Army Church
  • St. Paul Church
  • Presby Church
  • Venghlun Prestyberian Church
  • Venghlun Prestyberian Church
  • Vengpui Presbyterian Church
  • Venglai Church
  • St Joseph Workers Church
  • Baptist Church
  • Hmar Veng Presbyterian Church
  • Project Veng Presby Church
  • Diakkawn Presbyterian Church
  • Diakkawn Corp Salvation Army Church
  • Gosen Baptist Church
  • Zotlang Baptist Church
  • BCM Serkawn Church
  • Bazar Veng Local UPC Church
  • Veng Baptist Church
  • UPC Church
  • Presbyterian Church Of Mizoram
  • BCM Church Venglai
  • Chanmari Presbyterian Church
  • BCM Church Chanmari
  • Lunglawn Baptist Church
  • Thuampui UPC Church
  • 7th Day Adventist Church
  • Bawngkawn Shiv Mandir
  • Republic East Presbyterian Church
  • ITI Vengchhak Presbyterian Church
  • Republic Veng Salvation Church
  • Republic Veng Presbyterian Biakin
  • Republic Veng UPC Church
  • Venghlui Presbyterian Church
  • Dinthar Veng Presbyterian Church
  • Hmunthar Church
  • Bethlehem UPC Biakin
  • Armed Veng Church
  • Chhinga Veng Church
  • St. Mary Church
  • Electric Veng Church
  • Chawnpui Veng Church
  • Laipuitlang Presbyterian Church
  • Ramhlun North Presbyterian
  • Ramhlun Vengchhak Church
  • Ramhlun Salvation Army Church
  • Ramhlun North Baptist Church
  • Preby Church Vengthar
  • Khatla Presbyterian Church

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